Silver Jewelry


Shutacktite Pendant

Beautiful Shutacktite Copper Mineral Combo.

Shutacktite is a new copper mineral that can have any number of associated copper minerals in it. thios can include chrysocolla, azurite, Malachire, cuprite and dioptase.

Azurite is a blue copper carbonate mineral. Azurite can be found as a single mineral but also is found with other copper based minerals. Azurite also can change into malachite and often both are found in the same stone sometimes also with light blue chrysocolla and dark red cuprite making it an awesome jewelry gemstone. Azurite has also been used as a dye for paints and luxury fabrics.
Because azurite and its copper cousins are relatively soft it is often hardened with an epoxy stabilizer although sometimes with the presence of silica or quartz azurite-malachite/chrysocolla and cuprite is hard enough to cut and polish without stabilizers.