Silver Jewelry


Custom Silver Star Ruby Ring

Ruby is a type of Corundum.

Corundum is the second hardest mineral and occurs as white, gray, dull blue or dull red crystals. However, a very small amount of corundum has a transparency, purity and color that make it suitable for use as a gemstone.

Some gem-quality corundum has trace amounts of chromium. A very small amount of chromium gives corundum a pink color and larger amounts produces stones that are deep red. Ruby is a deep red corundum. Transparent rubies are cut into faceted stones and translucent rubies are cut into cabochon-shaped gemstones.

The stone used for this custom* ring is a 22x18mm oval and can be ordered in any finger size.
*As these rings are made one at a time, variations in the final design can occur.
Please email us to discuss a personalized Art Nouveau custom silver ring with your choice of gemstone.