Silver Jewelry


Custom Flower Porphyry Ring

This porphyry was found on the West Coast of British Columbia.

Porphyry is found in various forms here in British Columbia.
There is much local material to be found on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, This ring was made using a hand cut Flower porphyry that was found here on Salt Spring Island BC.
Porphyry is a term generally referring to volcanic rocks that have phenocrysts or large feldspar or quartz crystals in the matrix stone.
The flower porphyries here in BC are volcanic basalts with slow cooled feldspar crystals in them which radiated out like little stars or “flowers” as they grew.
We have a few varieties of porphyries to choose from so please don’t hesitate to email us for pictures of this intriguing local stone.

The stone used for this custom* ring is a 32x20mm oval and can be ordered in any finger size.
*As these rings are made one at a time, variations in the final design can occur.
Please email us to discuss a personalized Art Nouveau custom silver ring with your choice of gemstone.