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Custom Azurite Malachite Ring

This Is a Copper Mineral Combnation Stone Called Shattuckite

Azurite is a blue copper carbonate mineral. Azurite can be found as a single mineral but also is found with other copper based minerals. Azurite also can change into malachite and often both are found in the same stone sometimes also with light blue chrysocolla and dark red cuprite making it an awesome jewelry gemstone. Azurite has also been used as a dye for paints and luxury fabrics.

There are many variations and combinations of copper minerals that can be found together on the same stone. A general term for these copper mineral groupings is Chrysocollas. Please email to inquire about a Custom Azurite, malachite, chrysocolla or cuprite Ring or pendant.

*As these rings are made one at a time, variations in the final design can occur.