Old School Fire Agates Available

by bilbo on September 11, 2015

A friend and associate has recently supplied me with many uncut fire agates to play with and set in my jewelry creations.
I like to call fire agates the “Cadillac Club” of semi precious stones as I have noticed it takes a particular type of person to appreciate them. Some are subtle and some less so but certainly all are mysterious.

Although I like the reference some make about these stones being “Petrified Dragon Skin” they are actually a translucent brown agate with thin coatings of limonite on the boytroidal surfaces of layers within the stone creating the “Fire” that is seen in ths classic and unusual stone.



Thanks so much to Robert Belz for all his support and encouragement and obviously these wonderful stones he provdes me with.


To see individual fire agate rings and pendants for sale please visit my Etsy page at




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