Autumn 2014 Update

by bilbo on October 28, 2014

Well it has been an amazing year and somewhat of a whirlwind tour for Hawk and Owl Jewelry this 2014. We are hunkering down for winter and getting ready for the last run of retail as the Christmas Season approaches. I have my route and routine relatively sorted and the Salt Spring Island Farmers Market is the one weekly anchor from early April and right to the last weekend of October. I think our attendance this year was pretty close to 100% and though summer festivals call me away from this little paradise Island that I live on, we have managed to keep the booth at the market open throughout the summer.

I did some traveling in the interior of BC and as far away as Manitoba and I scurried back with a friend braving prarie lightning storms and torential rains.

My Etsy site at has also been grooving along and continues to grow in uploads of Jewelry currently available from Hawk and Owl.

The response from the Etsy world has been very positive and I am encouraged to continue submitting my work there.

I came across some wonderful stones in my travels over the summer.
Some gorgeous Lemon Chrysoprase and Kambaba Jasper to name 2 recent favorites. It has also been a good year for Mookaite Jasper and my intrigue with cutting this earthy and colorful Picture Jasper has been also well recieved. I also came across some “old School” Arizona Turquoise nuggets and cabochons and have set and sold quite a few this year. I still have some left and just also came across a batch of new Asian (Tibetan/Chinese) turquoise pieces many of which have interesting matrix and color variations.

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