Vancouver Island Fossils

by bilbo on September 30, 2013

Vancouver Island is a part of a huge continental mass that geologists refer to as the Wrangelian Plate which has been slowly moving north in the Pacific Ocean for millions of years and is colliding with North America creating the west coast’s volatile earthquake zone status. This collision has uplifted much of the ocean bottom revealing many different geological ages worth of marine fossils many of which can be found on the east side Vancouver Island.

As an avid rock hound I have managed to stumble upon a few interesting specimens over the years and though I haven’t identified all of them  can pretty much tell the difference between an ammonite and a clam.


Here is a heteromorph ammonite I found here on Salt Spring Island part way up Mt Belcher.


I think this is a type of Paracochloceras but my local fossil book ( West Coast Fossils ) says these are a triassic age ammonite.


Here is another Salt spring heteromorph ammonite found on our eastern shore. the light brown on top is all that was exposed and I carefully chipped out most of this specimen. i am still attempting to identify this one.



This one has a name – I think it is a Choristoceras.



I have found the standard type of ammonite as well here but the specimens are not the best for pictures as most are still quite buried in the hard siltstone that have kept them preserved for millions of years.


I use to live on Hornby Island and have found a few  good pieces there as well.

Here is a stunning specimen.


These are the type of ammonite that I like to set in silver although I get my jewelry ammonites from Morocco and Madagascar.
Here is a couple ammonites sliced in half that I have set in silver. The ammonite half pieces show the intricate air chambers that ammonites could inflate or deflate to rise or fall. These creatures were much more intellegent than say a snail. I often refer to them as a squid with a shell.


Art Nouveau Ammonite Fossil Pendant



Art Nouveau Ammonite Fossil Pendant


Here are a few other things I have found or collected over the years.

Bacculite heteromorph ammonite and and a Tesaralax which is an ancient snail.


Here is some ammolite from Alberta which is the shell of one of these ancient sea creatures.

Ammonite shell from Alberta



I like cutting this material and have set a few in
pendants in the past.
Here is a recent example of Ammolite set in a unique silver pendant.


Art Nouveau Ammolite Pendant

Thats all for now folks. Thanks happy fossiling!


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Kirko February 19, 2016 at 11:54 am

Looking for source to purchase Vancouver Island heteromorph ammonites. Do you know of any one ? THANKS


bilbo March 13, 2016 at 12:13 pm

As far as I know Vancouver Island ammonites are not for sale.




Andrew March 1, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Here is a video of a fossil that I found on Saltspring Island in 2012.


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