Semi Precious Stones Found on Salt Spring Island BC

by bilbo on September 17, 2013

Well it has been an awesome summer here in the Gulf Islands on British Columbia’s West Coast.

The Salt Spring Island Saturday Market was amazing and we had one of our best years ever. No doubt the fantastic sunny weather played its part in keeping our local tourists and visitors attending but I also had the privilege of meeting and interacting with many people from all corners of the globe this year.

The kind of one on one interaction that a friendly country market provides for is a satisfying and rewarding bonus as I get to talk individually to each person about specific stones that strikes their interest and fancy.

We have a few local Vancouver Island stones that I have found while out taking a beach walk with my dog and visitors to our little island are intrigued with the prospect of having a “little chunk of Salt Spring Island Real estate” in the form of a cut piece of beach Dallasite or Flower Rock set in one of my many ring or pendant designs.

Click on the links below to see a couple of these local semi precious stones that were  set in silver pendants last spring.


Dallasite Pendant

Flower Porphyry Pendant

Both Dallasite and Flower Rock are Wrangelian volcanics and are a part of the massive continental plate that is colliding with the rest of North America. Vancouver island, Haida Gwaii and the Aleutian Islands are merely the “tips of the iceberg” of the huge Wrangelian Plate that has been drifting northward for millions of years.

Salt Spring Island is located pretty much right in the middle of this collision and as a result we have a very diverse and interesting local geology here. I will have more on our local geology to come.
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